The Department of Water Resources Engineering was formerly one of the five  divisions  in  the  Department  of  Civil Engineering which had offered some basic courses in hydraulic, hydrology and water resources engineering to the undergraduate students in civil, environmental and survey  engineering. The division had also offered a  graduate program specialized in  water resources engineering  leading  to  the  Master of Engineering Degree since 1971 and to the Doctor of Engineering  Degree  since 1984. At the end of 1991, the Department of Water Resources Engineering  was established to reflect  growing concern of Chulalongkorn  University   in   the  field  of water  resources  development  and  management  which nowaday, has become one  of  the  nation 's most critical problems.

               The  Department  offers  programs  leading to the Master and Doctor of Engineering degrees in Water Resources Engineering. Works are directed toward research and profenal development in  areas such as hydrology and hydrologic engineering;  hydraulic engineering; irrigation  engineering; groundwater; coastal engineering; and water resources planning and management.  Students who wish to continue their study in water resources engineering should  have  completed  t